Is There Only One Strategy in Poker

Poker is one of the best know card game around the entire world! The exact date or how poker was created is a bit sketchy; the only fact that is certain is that poker is an original American card game. Popular things tent to change over time, as people do, that is why they stay popular, because they never grow old. Over the years poker has had many renovations, so many in fact, that know there are dozens of poker styles to choose from. Therefore, ask your self this question, is there only one strategy in poker?

Let’s take a small brake from poker and create an imaginary picture in our heads. Make believe you are an agricultural. Your life evolves around plants. You grow them, pick them, sell them, and even eat them. This being the case, you probably know everything there is to know about agricultural and when you have questions you ask another person (preferably another agricultural) or look the answers up yourselves through books and other methods. You do not need to be an agricultural to know there are different types of plants and although plants need all the basic things like soil, water and sun, they are all different. This being the case every plant needs to be planted in different seasons at different times and be taken care a different way. Every plant has its own little strategy when it comes to cultivating them.

The same can be said about poker. Although all the styles of poker have the same basic rule, every style is different, therefore there con not be only one strategy in poker. Although strategy is also a kind of solitaire card game, the strategy I am talking about is the word. The definition of strategy is the plan of action that will give you the results you want. Obviously, if you are playing poker you want the strategy you are using to increase your chances of you winning. After all who wants to loose a bid in poker, especially if you are gambling with a lot of money?

Can you see the common sense of what I am telling you? If you can not see the logic of poker having more than one strategy, then please stop reading this article. Really, I don’t think I can put this in any simpler way! Strategies are created to solve the problem you want to solve, if you have more than one problem then you have to come up with more than one strategy. Poker has many different styles; therefore poker has to have different strategies, period and end of discussion.

Know that you know that there are different strategies in poker; it is up to you to learn them all. Of course if you only major in one or two different styles of poker you do not have to learn all the strategies of poker out there. Only memorize the poker strategies of the poker you prefer to play.
All this talk about the strategies of poker awoke in me the need to play poker. Therefore, I’m know going to leave you and play some poker. Hooray!